Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Riding In Michigan

We all know how much fun or lack of this can be. Most of the TSBer's will be indoors training and drinking milk for the next few months. The spring season starts to roll in April...whoaaaa daddy hold on TSB will be ROCKIN' in 09!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The End Of Another Great MTB Season!

The last whoraah of the year was this past Saturday November 8th and the ever so popular Ice Man ended another great MTB season. TSB rocked the woods.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Fall Season Has Started!

Well, there is plenty to do on a bike this fall. Whether you like taking a cool morning ride with some pals, grindin' it out on the CX courses, or cruisin' the back roads for some training rides. October in Michigan has some of the best scenery and temps to get outside and RIDE!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

June, July, and August...

Alex, what are the 3 best things about being a teacher!

Okay, a quick stab at an old joke. Anyway, wow...those summer months wiz by. Many races, many great weekly rides and the now the BEST time of the year to ride is here. Everyone starts to tell themselves,I better start training for the Iceman. TSB will have the full squad up at TC. Many will attempt to break the 2 hour mark and others will be out for a long cool morning ride. None the less...we will all "HAVE FUN". Its what we do!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Ruby Race - 2008

If you have never seen a mountain bike race, or go to watch but can't see anything except the start and finish, then look no further!!! The 2008 Ruby Campground Mountain Bike Race has something for everyone! Fun, family oriented camping and a USAC mountain bike race to complete the weekend, (but don't wait to long to make reservation). Tailwind Enterprise is the race promoter and Team Sandbag is the home team! These two entities come together for one of the most FUN, family oriented, race weekends in Michigan. We will have 2 LIVE bands, (NERVZ END & SYNAPSIS) playing while the race is going on. We will have some food and beer later in the day, and we always do our best to reserve a mile long walk through the woods for any and all spectators to get involved and watch the race as it happens. Make sure you call and reserve your campsite today, the campground fills up fast! Tell them Team Sandbag referred you!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Ride of Silence

Tonight we number many but ride as one
In honor of those not with us, friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, sons
With helmets on tight and heads down low,
We ride in silence, cautious and slow
The wheels start spinning in the lead pack
But tonight we ride and no one attacks
The dark sunglasses cover our tears
Remembering those we held so dear
Tonight's ride is to make others aware
The road is there for all to share
To those not with us or by our side,
May God be your partner on your final ride

- Mike Murgas

Friday, May 2, 2008

Let The Racing Begin!

Team Sandbag celebrated the first mountain bike race of the year on April 13th at Pontiac Lake Recreation Area. Plenty of Sandbaggers made it out to the initial race of the 2008 season! A week later, TSB dominated the Switchbacks at Bloomer! Check the video below courtesy of

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Almost Time!!!

It’s that time of year again! Michigan has officially turned the chapter on the Record 2008 Winter Season and spring has begun to ……. Wait a second, I forgot that Michigan doesn’t turn nice and green until the end of April! We still have another month left of Ice, Snow, Rain, Mud, etc.

Seriously though, please be alert while you are out on the roads training for the upcoming seasons. According to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, there were 2,061 bicycles involved in motor vehicles crashes, with 28 bicyclists killed and 1,677 injured in 2006. Children under 16 years of age accounted for 14.3% of the bicycle deaths in 2006. Persons aged 35 through 74 represented 71.4% of the deaths. (

Remember that as a bicyclist, you are vulnerable anytime you are on your bike and people do not always see you on the sides of the road and many times, will put all of the blame on you! Also, don’t forget your helmet as it is the single most effective countermeasure available to reduce head injuries and fatalities resulting from a bike crash.(mtcf)

Here is a video to explain the concept of “Awareness” while driving. Start video and then pause it to let the clip load completely before viewing.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pearl Izumi USA, Inc ...Sold To The Highest Bidder!

Shimano Website:
"IRVINE, Calif. USA 2/19/08 -- Bringing premium sports apparel and footwear to its offering of industry-leading cycling and fishing products, Shimano has completed its purchase of DashAmerica, Inc. (dba Pearl Izumi USA, Inc.) from Nautilus, Inc., announces David Pfeiffer, president of Shimano American Corporation. Pearl Izumi becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Shimano’s U.S. operations, and will continue to operate from its facilities in Broomfield, Colorado and Kirchzarten, Germany.

“The acquisition brings together two companies started by Japanese families who share a passion for cycling,” said Pfeiffer. “Both have strong research and development backgrounds, offer industry leading innovations, and share an obsession with quality and performance. We’ll continue to build the respective brands and remain dedicated to the healthy independent dealer networks we’ve both enjoyed.”

Pfeiffer also noted that Pearl Izumi would be maintained as a stand-alone company with its own management team.
“Pearl Izumi is a leader in the performance sports apparel and footwear market, and we plan to keep them in that position,” Pfeiffer said. “Pearl Izumi’s design expertise creates products for the avid cycling and running enthusiasts and we’ll provide Juergen Eckmann (Pearl Izumi’s president) and his team with all of Shimano’s support and resources needed to continue that tradition.”

Eckmann said the acquisition is a great fit for both companies. “The entire team at Pearl Izumi USA and Europe are excited about opportunities and benefits we gain in becoming part of Shimano,” said Eckmann. “Shimano provides knowledge and expertise which will make our brand stronger and we in turn have a great deal of experience in performance apparel, fabric technologies and run footwear that Shimano did not previously possess.”

As part of a broad dual brand strategy, Pfeiffer states that Shimano will continue to offers its branded apparel and cycling footwear along with the Pearl Izumi apparel and cycling footwear in all markets.

Shimano’s acquisition includes Pearl Izumi’s facility in Kirchzarten, Germany, and the rights to Pearl Izumi sales and distribution throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia and select other countries. Pfeiffer notes the purchase does not include sales and distribution rights of Pearl Izumi branded products in Japan and most of Asia.

Shimano American Corporation is the U.S.-based subsidiary of Shimano, Inc. a multi-national manufacturer of bicycle components and fishing tackle. It now has operations in Irvine, Calif., Woodland, Wash., Broomfield, Colo., Peterborough, Ontario, and Kirchzarten, Germany."


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hitchsafe - No More Lockouts

Have you ever been locked out of a vehicle? It makes it even worse when you are locked out and the vehicle is running. If you have a truck, van or any vehicle with a 2" hitch receiver, you have the basic equipment for installing the Hitchsafe. For more information go to the Hitchsafe website below. If you would like to see the Hitchsafe in action, the only local place I have found a Hitchsafe is at Riverside Kayak in Wyandotte, MI.


From the Hitchsafe website:

"The HitchSafe slides into your current 2" Hitch Receiver on your Truck, SUV or Van and is secured inside the Receiver Hitch via two bolt retaining bars inside the HitchSafe. The Hitch Receiver itself is a solid steel vault that combined with the HitchSafe provides the most secure location on your vehicle to store spare keys, credit cards, cash and driver's license!!

To access your keys you simply lift off the Rubber dust cover (made to look like any normal Hitch Cover), enter in your personal 4 number dial combination, which then releases the drawer and allows access to your keys.

This solution is far superior to the magnetic key holders that eventually fall off (they are never there when you need them!). If your magnetic Hide-A-Key has not joined the millions of them laying on the side of the road, you then have an open invitation for someone to steal your car because everyone knows where they are hidden! The HitchSafe is contained within the solid steel structure of the Hitch Receiver via a combination where only YOU can access your keys when needed."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blue Grass State Joins TSB!

The boys from "Love The Pain" a unique blog site, have joined the mayhem and will start representin' TSB in the south in 2008. Doug Roemer and Brian Segal are newer to the sport of cycling, but have always had a passion for COOL PEOPLE and COOL STUFF...which is why they will be hanging with the crew from TSB!

They are the start of TSB's GLOBAL CALL OUT PROGRAM. The recking crew from the south will dable in a variety of events this summer. Both have an interest in road racing, mtb XC racing, tri's, running events and the wacky sport of Cyclo-Cross. I'm not sure if its the beer or the cycling part of the Cyco-Cross they like more...we'll find out soon enough. Other parts of the GLOBAL CALL OUT PROGRAM will be headed up by Kimi Yamanaka of TSB's Japan cycling team, and Kyle Tabor will pedal for us in the wind's of Chicago. All the original Michiganders will keep it real on the mitten scene.

Monday, January 21, 2008

1X9 Designs - The Best Cycling Sportswear

1X9 Design was born from a need for cool casual cycling apparel. Unlike many of the boring or "loud" t-shirts offered by the mainstream bike industry, they focus on making designs that are clean, simple, and fun, but still express cycling. However, you will always find 1X9 Design's apparel with distinctive and progressive styling.

Their goal is to deliver "Apparel Geared for the Cyclist"!

So, go ahead, treat yourself like a pro, pick up a new 1X9 shirt!

1X9 Design

Friday, January 11, 2008

Michigan Sports Calendar

If you look to the right side of the screen you will notice a new Google Calendar that I just added. I called it the Michigan Sports Calendar and would like to have any and all endurance sports added to the calendar. For the time being, I have only added a limited number of events and they do not have a time, location, website or any other information added to them.

For example, if you want to see an event that is upcoming, use the month box to move forward to June and click on a day the month of June will appear with either a linked number in the date box or a color coded box for a particular event. Click on one of the date boxes with a linked number and a pop-up appears with a list of events for that day.

The way I have the events ordered:
- Blue is for a Mountain Bike event
- Green is for a Multi-Sport Event
- Red is for a Road Cycling event
- Yellow will be for a running event
- Brown will be for an adventure race

If you would like to add a calendar to your site, choose one or all of the following links. Please share this link with anyone that you think would benefit from the calendars and when you do, post the link so people can come here to access the calendar.

Entire Calendar

Over the next month or so, I am going to update the events, websites, times, locations, etc. I am still working on updating the event list. If you would like an event added, post a reply or send me an email through blogspot or gmail.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ghost Bike

A Ghostbike is a junker bike that has been painted stark white and afixed to the site where a cyclist has been hit or killed by a car driver. Ghostbikes are intended to be memorials for the fallen and reminders to everyone to SHARE THE ROAD with one another. Ride safe and give cyclists a break. Reckless riding and driving kills.

Visit for More Info.