Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Almost Time!!!

It’s that time of year again! Michigan has officially turned the chapter on the Record 2008 Winter Season and spring has begun to ……. Wait a second, I forgot that Michigan doesn’t turn nice and green until the end of April! We still have another month left of Ice, Snow, Rain, Mud, etc.

Seriously though, please be alert while you are out on the roads training for the upcoming seasons. According to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, there were 2,061 bicycles involved in motor vehicles crashes, with 28 bicyclists killed and 1,677 injured in 2006. Children under 16 years of age accounted for 14.3% of the bicycle deaths in 2006. Persons aged 35 through 74 represented 71.4% of the deaths. (

Remember that as a bicyclist, you are vulnerable anytime you are on your bike and people do not always see you on the sides of the road and many times, will put all of the blame on you! Also, don’t forget your helmet as it is the single most effective countermeasure available to reduce head injuries and fatalities resulting from a bike crash.(mtcf)

Here is a video to explain the concept of “Awareness” while driving. Start video and then pause it to let the clip load completely before viewing.